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Riva FLV Player 1.3

Plays single video files using the drag & drop browser
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Rothenberger GTS

Access separate videos in FLV and work with the encoded data using the built-in tool called Riva. The media player views, loops, restarts, pauses and navigates any selected files. No playlist creation is available, the videos are only viewed in the original size.

Riva FLV Player is a free compact viewer for Flash videos. Initially embedded in Riva’s FLV encoding tool, it is now available free as a stand-alone player for you to enjoy all your FLV videos. Available in both German and English, this player includes the basic controls you need to play back your FLV and a useful loop button for continuous play.

Unlike many other basic players and viewers, Riva FLV Player will adjust its size to that of the video being played, instead of shrinking the images to fit the player’s window. However, you will not have the possibility of watching the video at the full size of your screen. This functionality – considered by many as a must for any video player - is not present here simply because full-screen, high-definition viewing was not one of the requirements of a utility devised as a complementary tool to help you check the results of Riva’s FLV encoding. Nevertheless, if so desired, the player can be set to appear on top of any other window open in your desktop. Thus, maybe we should consider this player more of a tool for encoders and developers than the typical full-featured video player.

The interface itself is nice and clear. You will find no settings, no interchangeable skins, and no support for any other video codec other than Flash. But, for some of us, its simplicity is also part of its beauty.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity and easy to use
  • Clear interface


  • Limited functionality
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